Dr Jim Matto-Shepard
Let the beauty that you are be what you do
— Rumi

jim Matto-shepard Ph.D.- Licensed Psychotherapist psy 15031

Psychotherapy Counseling & Workshops


I provide individual therapy, couples therapy, and various forms of experiential group learning including group therapy. I am a specialist in relationship therapies, somatic psychotherapy and psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. I have been practicing psychotherapy, in one form or the other, for over 35 years and have been licensed as a psychologist since 1997.

It is important to find a psychotherapist that works in a style that fits who you are and what you want. I have designed this website to give you a general sense of who I am as a psychotherapist. Feel free to call so that we can discuss how I can help and whether or not I am a good match for you.

I work relationaly and in experiential ways that involve mind, emotions and the body because this offers a powerful technology for change. Symptoms, such as anxiety, depression and out-of-control anger, as well as love relationship issues, are based on mind/ body/ emotion complexes developed in early relationships. Development and transformation as an adult requires coming into contact with these early structures within the context of a healing relationship.

In addition to psychotherapy, I occasionally offer workshops and classes employing a variety of practices including mindfulness, movement and art. Current Offerings.

My latest endeavor is to open a clinic for ketamine assisted psychotherapy (KAP) as well as for using MDMA with people who have severe PTSD — Temenos Center for Integrative Psychotherapy. We currently provide KAP and are awaiting FDA approval of MAPS “expanded access" protocol to begin offering MDMA Assisted Psychotherapy.

For information about these programs go to Temenos.center